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Episode #194 – Cruising Speed of Internet

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

After a low-energy introduction, it’s time to phone it in. Who gets these jokes? Gabe loves his job. How does advertising work? Addy and Gabe want money. Why do people like this show? There are new promos. Negative feedback can be tough to hear. Blind people tend to just repeat what they hear. Gabe has things to do. “Mike and Jesus believe in me.” “Every great radio duo hates each other.” Addy explains Xanax. Addy still doubts the existence of migraines. Addy is interested in hair-removal services.

Episode #178 – People Wax

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

The audience of this show is the smartest audience ever. How satisfying is this show? AM radio was not prepared for Addy and Gabe’s awesomeness. WTHU might someday pay money for this show. Dump buttons are expensive. Something happened in Boston. Have you forgotten? Addy has problems. Gabe interviews a leg. What is the best kind of girlfriend for a rich man? Damon always hated this show. Addy and Gabe used to do fake radio shows on cassette tapes. George Shell likes to wash his shell. Rob calls in to discuss his fake radio past with Gabe. Strange things are happening in the black gangster community. Certain topics cannot be summarized. Game of Thrones will be less confusing eventually. Addy does an impression of The Greaseman. “We’ve got to stop with the inside jokes.”

Episode #174 – Not Adult Content

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

“It contains not adult content.” The Addy and Gabe Show will soon appear on WTHU, a local Maryland AM station, where they will have 1.2 million potential listeners! Should the morals of the present be imposed on the acts of the past? How forgiving is Baby Jesus? If you had one hour of being immune to laws, what would you do? “The lottery is hope for the hopeless.” There are many things that cannot be said. Should children be allowed to decide their gender roles? Why do some parents not parent? “Kids don’t know anything.”

Episode #132

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Lots of things make Addy and Gabe mad, like unappreciated comedy. Gabe has a stunning reveal about his health. Do not disturb Gabe when he is eating onion rings. Addy might be a “super taster.” “The question is, why wouldn’t he jerk off a horse?” Freddy Got Fingered is terrible and great. Addy and Gabe lay out their plans for complete NHB take-over. “My balls are sweaty.”

Episode #117

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

DC radio is not what it used to be. Sports radio is terrible. Addy was on The Don and Mike Show. There is no point counting sexual partners, especially if you are a huge whore. Retards are extra strong. “Only sissies love their family.” Gabe is not interested in screwing a robot until they can work out handjobs. Addy has enjoyed a rimjob. “I wouldn’t wish my asshole on my worst enemy.” Gabe tried to shave his asshole once, and only once. “It drives me nuts.” Gabe cares not for the trivialities of people he does not know. Gators enjoys manscaping. Common Damon tweet: “It is dark.” Can a fleshlight be used as a flashlight? Chris is too classy for real dolls. He only destroys real ovaries. Chris and Gabe play a round of Guess the Race. Chris reminds everyone to go to for more fun. At what point does kitty love become unhealthy? And now, The Mr. Gosh Song! The girlfriends join the show to discuss cats.

Episode #114

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

It’s an all new The Addy and Gabe Show, with an all new show icon. Podcast listeners rejoice! Addy will require non-cancer surgery. What if you knew the day you were going to die? ” God is a dick.” The guys have no desire to hang out with anyone from NHB. “There is only one way to think, and that is my way.” Tipping is out of control in America. Gabe has never seen True Romance. Addy hates Comcast customer service. “Just do it now!” Addy’s anger gave him cancer. Friend of the show Starscream606 calls in with happiness advice. Addy attempts a blind Mountain Dew taste test. Damon does not want to host an NHB slumber party, nor does he want to move in with Gators. Don Geronimo is a pussy. Addy loves broken women. A listener submitted some bumpers.

Episode #112

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Addy found tapes of his college radio days. “Nothing has changed.” Except his voice. One thing that has never changed: technical difficulties. College Radio Addy has fun with telemarketers. “That sounds like the worst idea ever. Let’s give it a shot.” Gators calls in to help fix the show. Gabe claims he has nothing to talk about, but Danni says otherwise. “It’s The Addy and Got Nothing Show.” Gabe had to kill off a character in his D&D game because of a frog. “I kind of feel like I have slept with half the internet.” Apparently, if you have something that involves feces, you too can be an NHB super star. Gabe sometimes goes into his head. Halfway through the show, they start the show. Addy has a yukalaylee. Gabe installed his own car stereo. “Unhook the battery first.” “Addy and Gabe, better than The Mike O’Meara Show!” Minus the previous radio career, of course. “Speaking of DPing moms…” A local black woman may or may not be the replacement for Tomnik.  Gabe will buy an HDTV when his old tube TV dies. Gabe has an NPR voice.