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Episode #177 – Gardening and Cars

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Live from an actual radio station! Summer is a great time for revealing outfits and homeless people. Caller Sylvia attempts to glean. How much does Gabe know about gardens? “I avoid dirt.” How much does Addy know about driving cars? What is going on in the Maryland sky? What does Maryland have? Who is Fandango? Should Chocolate Rain be the new USA anthem? How can you tell if a pedestrian is blind?

Episode #172 – Don’t Buy That

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Addy and Gabe describe their perfect meals. Addy bought a new car. The old car was sad. Addy needed a Jew. Addy buys large TVs. Tomnick bought a new gun. Someone broke into Gabe’s apartment. Addy brings some guns into the studio. “I want to rob something.” “You run out of bullets, sometimes you just got to stab somebody.” Addy and Tomnick killed a deer once. Gabe loves wrestlers on Twitter. “The referee had a twin brother!” How almost gay porn is wrestling? “It’s ok to be Gabe.” Rob calls in with advice. “You know he’s only half Jewish.” A guy with no legs shot his girlfriend. Gabe does DDP yoga. “Don’t go to Iran!” Visit for all of your emergency Jew needs.