Episode #236 – White Guilt

June 28th, 2014

Gabe has a problem with transexuals. White people should feel guilty about everything (8:00). Ann Coulter has opinions about soccer (14:00). Gabe takes a taste test (49:00).

Notable Show Quotes:
Gabe: “I’m just going to stick with tranny, because that’s what I know.”
Gabe: “This completely isn’t racist here.”
Addy: “Whenever that happens it just throws a wrinkle into everything. You can throw a wrinkle, can’t you?”
Gabe: “It’s in a bag from the internet. What could possibly go wrong?”

Episode #235 – Ridiculous Culture

June 16th, 2014

There is a show announcement! Gabe is still paranoid about his job (15:00). War used to be less ambiguous (22:00). Gabe explains Jewish culture (41:30). Brazilian man undergoes surgery to look Asian (49:30). Americans have too much free time (1:00:00). Is it ok to change your mind (1:25:00)? Gay marriage is an emergency situation (1:31:00). Combination fast food restaurants are gifts from the gods (1:45:00).

Notable Show Quotes:
Gabe: “Networks and stuff… I don’t understand any of that.”
Gabe: “We’ve already beat up Mexico.”
Gabe: “War is not fun.”
Gabe: “People don’t like Jews, and I really don’t understand why… well, you know, I do. I really do.”
Addy: “I don’t think you can’t not be gay these days.”
Addy: “I rammed it in there and gave her life!”
Gabe: “We think racism is really funny.”

Episode #234 – Hobo Soul

May 31st, 2014

Gabe is having car problems. Everyone wants a robot woman (28:00). Addy needs a super fast computer (31:00). Addy wants to get his hands dirty (41:00). Poor people with no real skills want more money (49:00). Fat student’s parents are upset about truth (1:01:00). U.S. Marine abused in Mexican prison (1:06:45). Civilians are going to space soon (1:18:00). Gender is becoming an outdated concept (1:23:30). Women are still in a constant state of fear (1:31:00).

Notable Show Quotes:
Addy: “I really want to start doing something with my hands.”
Gabe: “I don’t think the poor understand.”
Addy: “You can breath just fine in space.”
Gabe: “There’s no Jesus anymore.”

Episode #233 – Double Date

May 24th, 2014

Hidden compartments might be illegal in Pennsylvania. Sobriety tests are hard (17:30). Will Addy and Gabe go on a double date at an expensive restaurant (22:00)? Does Danni dislike Addy (38:00)? What words can we say (50:00)? Apologies in the news (1:06:00). Zooey from Wild Bunch Radio calls in to explain things (1:13:00). Gabe loves coupons in all things (1:23:00).

Notable Show Quotes:
Gabe: “I hate this country.”
Gabe: “I am tired of people and their feelings”

Episode #232 – Fraud

May 17th, 2014

“I want to be the Fez of The Addy and Gabe Show.” Some people have no idea how technology works. Gabe’s new job makes him earn his money (12:00). Some people have huge muscles (16:00). Gabe does not want people touching (20:00). Some topics are difficult to summarize (27:00). People love to record Donald Sterling (34:00). Addy loves his Mac Pro (40:00). What does “Jesus is Real” really mean (48:00)? A dead man stood at his wake (1:13:00). “Political correctness is out of control (1:17:30).” Addy bought a new door (1:25:00). Addy has trouble making pancakes (1:36:00). A New York City tax driver named Gabe made people mad (1:46:00).

Episode #231 – Shocked and Appalled

May 3rd, 2014

Breakfast time! A nearby McDonald’s has been torn down. Most men should not sport mustaches. Gabe’s new job keeps him busy constantly, and it has janitorial service (13:00). Addy loves having a housekeeper (26:00). Addy is a valuable asset at his job (29:00). “Let me tell you about how awful Java is! (40:00)” Internet Explorer is still terrible (47:00). Gabe bought a water distiller (50:00). Gabe does not understand the Donald Sterling situation. “There is nothing wrong with minorities. They are fabulous (59:00).” Gabe used to be in an inter-racial relationship (1:13:00). “How much would it cost to have her killed (1:31:00)?” A woman in Georgia wants free water (1:47:00). Gabe’s cat is having dental problems.

Episode #230 – Downloading RAM

April 19th, 2014

“Yo, yo, yo.” Tomnick is in studio. Gabe has a problem with poor people. Even rich people live paycheck to paycheck (15:00). Gabe has famous clients. People hate change. Smart people know how to search for information (27:00). Tomnick has ideas for bodily waste disposal on the road (33:00). World of Warcraft has a community of awful people (36:00). Typing on a phone is hard (39:00). “The world is your gun range.” Some shows have nudity and adult themes (44:00). World of Wrestling (50:00)? Addy is getting a new, high-end Mac (53:00). Political talk radio is ridiculous (1:14:00). Is the world ready for The Addy and Gabe World Tour (1:29:00)?

Episode #229 – Newton’s E-mails

April 13th, 2014

“It contains a bunch of stuff.” It’s radio breakfast time! “We can all go down.” Addy explains science and math facts (12:00). Robin Williams sometimes does serious movies. Addy had a date (29:00). Gabe now owns a Galaxy S5. The Ultimate Warrior is ultimately dead (33:00). Mister T (really) loves his mother (45:00). “Transubstantiation is a very weird thing (50:00).” Wrestling makes Addy angry (1:12:00).

Episode #228 – Refill the Ocean

March 29th, 2014

Security is a myth. Gabe started his new job. Not all cartoons and comics are for kids. Scientology is sneaky. Don Geronimo is doing a new podcast. Will there ever be a new Don and Mike Show? (Answer: No.) Terrorism makes for great radio. Conservative radio hosts love to blame Obama. NPR is boring. What is The Addy and Gabe Show about? Gabe has lottery gift ideas (54:00). One of Addy’s ex-girlfriends flooded his basement. Europeans already understand science. Should schools only teach facts (1:08:00)? “I don’t need more apps!” “If God ain’t exist, who refills the ocean?” Addy had a colonoscopy (1:18:00). Gabe is ready to buy a new phone (1:34:00:). “Do you know how to use computers?”

Episode #227 – The Gabe and Gas Show

March 15th, 2014

It’s an extra special internet-only Saturday show! Sleeping is difficult. Running is difficult. “I am the sleep expert (13:00).” Gabe is excited about his new sexy job (18:00). Copy and paste is a very important skill (28:00). People who are smart but uneducated tend to disparage eduction (34:00). A lot of people still believe made-up stories (39:45). “Nobody is special.” Gabe has an idea for a new search engine (46:30). Mike said some odd things after the last show (53:45). Some elements of Judaism make little sense in the modern world (59:00). Russell Crowe was apparently a musician (1:03:00).