Episode #246 – No Booze Cruise

November 8th, 2014

President Zimmerman has saved the world. Was Gabe wise to buy a used car (19:00)? Gabe and Danni attended an uncomfortable, poor wedding (57:00). Gabe and Danni will be going on a cruise without booze (1:04:00). Addy wants to go to Greenland with or without his girlfriend (1:10:00). Ugly men should never talk to attractive women (1:28:00).

Notable Show Quotes:
Gabe: “Bitches love their Pinterest.”

Episode #245 – Stripper Girlfriend

October 11th, 2014

Ebola is going to kill you, unless you aren’t fat. A strange, nervous woman came to Addy’s door (22:00). Gabe went to a strip club in West Virginia (44:00). Ghostbusters is being rebooted for some reason (1:00:00). A woman uses a potato incorrectly (1:05:00). Female high school teachers are doing inappropriate things (1:09:00). Kim Jong-un is missing (1:14:00). Genders designations are confusing in schools (1:26:00). How does one date a stripper (1:35:00)?

Notable Show Quotes:
Addy: “Pregnancy just destroys a woman.”

Episode #244 – The Mayonnaise and Sugar Show

September 27th, 2014

The Big Bang Theory is not as funny as Hitler. Addy attended his aunt’s funeral, which was sort of funny (20:00). What will the future hold for robots and jobs (35:00)? A man in Wisconsin suffers from a pants-related syndrome (45:00). The new iPhones are not good for small pockets or microwaves (51:00). How did Robin Williams actually die (1:14:00)? Albuquerque man forgets about pot (1:28:00).

Notable Show Quotes:
Addy: “Speaking of things I hate…”
Addy: “He’s Republican, what do you expect?”
Tomnick: “It’s Hitler Saturday.”

Episode #243 – Fun With Dementia

September 20th, 2014

Tomnick is in the studio today! Gabe visited a classic video game store. Poor people still want money, iPhones, and cable TV (20:00). The future will be like Star Trek (42:00). Addy is going to a funeral (1:00:00)? Addy got to meet his estranged brother (1:19:00). A United Kingdom man dies in a horribly embarrassing manner (1:29:00).

Notable Show Quotes:
Addy: “I am only tipping waiters and hookers.”
Gabe: “I was so angry at my dinner.”

Episode #242 – Gabe Leg Burgers

September 6th, 2014

Gabe’s body continues to fail him. Addy may have a long lost sibling (22:00). Naked celebrity photos were leaked (47:00). Addy has a love/hate relationship with Apple (59:00). Everyone wants a tip (1:04:00).

Notable Show Quotes:
Gabe: “I have never heard a good podcast that included a woman.”

Episode #241 – Scary Peanuts

August 23rd, 2014

Addy went drinking with Tomnick. It’s Gabe’s birthday and he’s buying a keyboard (9:00). Programmers are high demand (27:00). Americans are terrified of everything, especially peanuts (38:00). Does Gabe want a child, a dog, or a robot girlfriend (50:00)? How can you support feminism (1:02:00)?

Notable Show Quotes:
Gabe: “I’ve wasted my life.”
Gabe: “Dogs are kind of like retards.”

Episode #240 – Midget Clown Horse

August 16th, 2014

Will the government try to regulate decency on the internet? Are bare breasts evil? A white cop shot a black kid (29:00). Addy mouthed off to a police officer one time (52:00). Gabe goes on a violent rant (1:08:00). Robin Williams is recently dead (1:13:00). What is the ice bucket challenge (1:25:00)? A woman in Albuquerque tried to poison her roommate (1:34:00).

Notable Show Quotes:
Gabe: “I am going to rue to the ruining!”
Gabe: “People are dumb.”

Episode #239 – Twelve

August 9th, 2014

It’s the beginning of the end. Addy’s Mac Pro is not working. Unsubscribing is not an option (12:00). Gabe loves retro video games (21:00). There was a death in Gabe’s family (26:00). Gabe has given up on health, happiness, touching, affection, and sex (41:00). Africa is a mess (1:04:00). Religion messed up everything (1:30:00).

Notable Show Quotes:
Gabe: “Only idiots watch wrestling.”
Gabe: “Last week, my ninety one year old grandmother passed away… thank god.”
Gabe: “Is every woman in your family a manipulative bitch?”
Addy: “What do I need slippers for? I’m not sixty or a woman.”

Episode #238 – White Privilege and Good Handwriting

July 19th, 2014

Is there a spark missing from this show? The world of podcasting is a varied landscape of whimsy and mystery. Gabe has many excuses (16:30). Gabe hates driving to Virginia (30:00). Addy has a sleep update (36:45). An airplane was shot down (40:00). Addy bought Gabe a shirt (53:30). Addy and Gabe take the Implicit Association Test for Racism (1:10:00).

Notable Show Quotes:
Gabe: “It’s all a big mess anyway.”
Gabe: “That man’s got more balls than the guy that has the 150 pound testicles.”
Gabe: “Let me think about this with some science in my head.”
Addy: “It’s hard to be sexy.”

Episode #237 – Good War

July 12th, 2014

Liz is on the third microphone. Addy’s trip to Europe was hot. How did people know things before the internet (19:45)? Gabe’s brother is an interesting fellow (25:00). Addy is still having trouble sleeping (37:00). Frederick named one of the sexiest suburbs in the nation, except when the power goes out (59:00). A kidnapper released a singing kid (1:11:00). People are tattooing their pets for some reason (1:16:00). Man with 100 pound scrotum needs surgery (1:19:00).

Notable Show Quotes:
Gabe: “I could do three hours on monkeys.”
Addy: “If it didn’t affect me, why would I care?”
Gabe: “Sleep is serious business.”
Gabe: “They all look the same. Especially from behind.”
Gabe: “That’s all ball!”
Addy: “Can you get diabetes in your balls?”