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Special Episode of Addy & *Gators*

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Addy fills in for Dune on The Johnny Gators’ Show live every Sunday on

What is Dune’s job? Gators is still a huge racist. Facebook is serious business. Addy wants a baby. Addy shares pictures with Gators. “Fisting, with Addy and Gators.” “I can understand why a dick in the ass might feel good.” Context is important. Everybody poops, so everybody should just relax. Addy takes inventory of Gators’ possessions. Mars joins the show. “My favorite part of the woman, of course, is her brain.” “You don’t sound blind.” Gimp calls in to swear. Addy is happy with the state of his show. Mrs. Gators is very strong. How repressed is Mr. Gators? The world may never know.