Episode #252 – Life Truth from the Morbidly Obese

Movies make no money. Dieting is difficult (13:00). Rats love cocaine (36:00). Man on Reddit blogs his wife’s adultery (42:00). Addy’s sister’s destination wedding did not end well (50:00). Nature is efficient at handling corpses (1:05:00). H1Z1 is apparently an awful video game (1:16:00). Hostages are good business (1:28:00).

Notable show quotes:
Addy: “I love the Jews.”
Gabe: “My weight is Gabe.”
Addy: “What about masturbating?”
Gabe: “I’m so fat.”
Gabe: “Just get some plutonium.”
Gabe: “Why do you love terrorism, Addy?”

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