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Episode #249 – Boat Morgue

Saturday, December 20th, 2014

People are whispering on the internet for some reason. Addy is ready to be thrifty in 2015 (30:00). Gabe was on a big boat (38:00). Time for Christmas gifts (1:05:00)! Healthcare prices make no sense (1:20:00). In the news there is an attempted abortion, a game of Russian roulette, confusion about the population of Heaven, and racist emails from Sony (1:31:00).

Notable show quotes:
Gabe: “The internet, instead of bringing us together, has isolated every person on this planet.”
Addy: “I am sick of stairs.”
Gabe: “I am so gay for you, Dad.”

Alternate show titles:
-Creepy Whispering
-International Waters
-DiGennaro Hog
-Demon Spiders with Tits
-Segregated Heaven