Episode #238 – White Privilege and Good Handwriting

Is there a spark missing from this show? The world of podcasting is a varied landscape of whimsy and mystery. Gabe has many excuses (16:30). Gabe hates driving to Virginia (30:00). Addy has a sleep update (36:45). An airplane was shot down (40:00). Addy bought Gabe a shirt (53:30). Addy and Gabe take the Implicit Association Test for Racism (1:10:00).

Notable Show Quotes:
Gabe: “It’s all a big mess anyway.”
Gabe: “That man’s got more balls than the guy that has the 150 pound testicles.”
Gabe: “Let me think about this with some science in my head.”
Addy: “It’s hard to be sexy.”

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