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Episode #236 – White Guilt

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

Gabe has a problem with transexuals. White people should feel guilty about everything (8:00). Ann Coulter has opinions about soccer (14:00). Gabe takes a taste test (49:00).

Notable Show Quotes:
Gabe: “I’m just going to stick with tranny, because that’s what I know.”
Gabe: “This completely isn’t racist here.”
Addy: “Whenever that happens it just throws a wrinkle into everything. You can throw a wrinkle, can’t you?”
Gabe: “It’s in a bag from the internet. What could possibly go wrong?”

Episode #235 – Ridiculous Culture

Monday, June 16th, 2014

There is a show announcement! Gabe is still paranoid about his job (15:00). War used to be less ambiguous (22:00). Gabe explains Jewish culture (41:30). Brazilian man undergoes surgery to look Asian (49:30). Americans have too much free time (1:00:00). Is it ok to change your mind (1:25:00)? Gay marriage is an emergency situation (1:31:00). Combination fast food restaurants are gifts from the gods (1:45:00).

Notable Show Quotes:
Gabe: “Networks and stuff… I don’t understand any of that.”
Gabe: “We’ve already beat up Mexico.”
Gabe: “War is not fun.”
Gabe: “People don’t like Jews, and I really don’t understand why… well, you know, I do. I really do.”
Addy: “I don’t think you can’t not be gay these days.”
Addy: “I rammed it in there and gave her life!”
Gabe: “We think racism is really funny.”