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Episode #230 – Downloading RAM

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

“Yo, yo, yo.” Tomnick is in studio. Gabe has a problem with poor people. Even rich people live paycheck to paycheck (15:00). Gabe has famous clients. People hate change. Smart people know how to search for information (27:00). Tomnick has ideas for bodily waste disposal on the road (33:00). World of Warcraft has a community of awful people (36:00). Typing on a phone is hard (39:00). “The world is your gun range.” Some shows have nudity and adult themes (44:00). World of Wrestling (50:00)? Addy is getting a new, high-end Mac (53:00). Political talk radio is ridiculous (1:14:00). Is the world ready for The Addy and Gabe World Tour (1:29:00)?

Episode #229 – Newton’s E-mails

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

“It contains a bunch of stuff.” It’s radio breakfast time! “We can all go down.” Addy explains science and math facts (12:00). Robin Williams sometimes does serious movies. Addy had a date (29:00). Gabe now owns a Galaxy S5. The Ultimate Warrior is ultimately dead (33:00). Mister T (really) loves his mother (45:00). “Transubstantiation is a very weird thing (50:00).” Wrestling makes Addy angry (1:12:00).