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Episode #228 – Refill the Ocean

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

Security is a myth. Gabe started his new job. Not all cartoons and comics are for kids. Scientology is sneaky. Don Geronimo is doing a new podcast. Will there ever be a new Don and Mike Show? (Answer: No.) Terrorism makes for great radio. Conservative radio hosts love to blame Obama. NPR is boring. What is The Addy and Gabe Show about? Gabe has lottery gift ideas (54:00). One of Addy’s ex-girlfriends flooded his basement. Europeans already understand science. Should schools only teach facts (1:08:00)? “I don’t need more apps!” “If God ain’t exist, who refills the ocean?” Addy had a colonoscopy (1:18:00). Gabe is ready to buy a new phone (1:34:00:). “Do you know how to use computers?”

Episode #227 – The Gabe and Gas Show

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

It’s an extra special internet-only Saturday show! Sleeping is difficult. Running is difficult. “I am the sleep expert (13:00).” Gabe is excited about his new sexy job (18:00). Copy and paste is a very important skill (28:00). People who are smart but uneducated tend to disparage eduction (34:00). A lot of people still believe made-up stories (39:45). “Nobody is special.” Gabe has an idea for a new search engine (46:30). Mike said some odd things after the last show (53:45). Some elements of Judaism make little sense in the modern world (59:00). Russell Crowe was apparently a musician (1:03:00).

Episode #226 – Bossy

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Addy does not like Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. Is science being taught incorrectly in public schools (16:00)? American patriotism is out of control and ridiculous (23:00). Super Station Manager Mike joins the guys in studio to talk about yachts (24:30). A drug company refuses to sell an unapproved drug to a sick child (39:30). Facebook Moms are trouble (45:00). Famous people like to ban words (47:00). “Every woman I know is afraid of math.” North Korea continues to be a weird, horrible place (1:01:00). A large cat attacked its owners (1:07:30). “Cats are such jerks.” Addy wants to get a dog (1:14:00).

Episode #225 – Afraid of Lawsuits

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Daylight Savings Time is stupid (2:30). Gabe has big employment news (14:00)! “I would live with your mom (30:00).” Addy and Gabe still disagree about the raising of the minimum wage (35:00). Changes for this show is on the horizon (43:30). “What’s an offer letter (48:00)?” Mike calls in to sue Gabe. People can sue over hurt feelings (55:00). What does “nappy” really mean (58:00)? “Your rights stop at my feelings.” Transgender people can sue too (1:04:00). “Just give her the shoes and tell her to shut up.” People can even sue over flatulence (1:11:00). North Korea just had a fair and balanced election (1:20:00). Gabe is unobservant and indifferent (1:27:00). Some TV shows last too long (1:31:00). Addy will be alone on his birthday (1:40:00).

Episode #224 – Palau

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Sports is a distraction from misery. Weird things are going on at the Bohemian Grove (8:45). Steve Jobs is still alive (15:00). Which is a bigger waste of time: eating or sleeping (24:00)? Who is more fun: Bush or Obama? Warning shots were fired in Ukraine (32:00). Obama needs a Wheel of Allies. Japan is different (47:30). Are cancer walks effective at fighting cancer (50:00)? Attractive people are more successful than ugly people (1:23:00). Gabe is a handsome man (1:28:00). Neither Addy nor Gabe drink coffee (1:36:00). Addy and Gabe have a meeting with Mike next week (1:42:00).

Episode #223 – Obama’s Fault

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Kids of the 1980s had the best toys ever (4:00). Is the internet hurting basic social interactions (8:00)? What would Addy and Gabe do with their lottery winnings (11:00)? Rich white people should not travel to certain places (17:00). Does this show have listeners in North Korea (22:00)? People love to stand in lines and write checks when it snows (25:00). People voted on the top funniest movies (32:30). How dumb is OJ Simpson (35:00)? Addy has an update about the YMCA controversy (43:00). Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is clearly Obama’s fault (47:45). “If liberals could do anything, this country wouldn’t suck as much as it does!” “I welcome our Chinese overlords.” Disney cuts funding for the Boy Scouts (1:20:30). “Are you born hating gay people, or is that a choice?” What is love (1:29:00)? “Babies are jerks.” Gabe reviews the Lenovo Miix 2 Windows 8 tablet (1:38:00). Windows 8 is actually pretty good.