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Episode #222 – Respect Authority

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

What should Addy do if Gabe is really late? “Clear as a whistle.” Gabe loves The Blues Brothers movie. What is a party whip? Video tapes used to be really expensive. Adult material is very easy to acquire these days. What kind of movie is Ghostbusters? Should business owners be allowed to hate whoever they want? Some people do not understand the logistics of the homosexual lifestyle. Addy was accused of misconduct at the YMCA. How does George Zimmerman keep getting women?

Episode #221 – Poor People Insurance

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Addy has too much going on. Addy has a new hobby. Addy and Gabe have had many women. Addy has complaints about certain types of people at the gym. Addy might need to see an endocrinologist. Can you patent water? A lot of people played James Bond. Harold Ramis has died. What makes a horror movie great? Gabe hates bugs. Gay athletes are everywhere. Is Gabe black? Transgender rights are confusing. Public breast-feeding versus public urination! In the future, Addy will be a search engine.

Episode #220 – Hobbling Snow

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Apparently the Greaseman is writing weather reports. Gabe is testing the 8″ Lenovo Miix 2 tablet. Gabe’s workplace has slow computers. Addy’s workplace has fast computers. Addy records his snoring. “What has internet ever done for anybody?” Addy thinks meditation is a waste of time. “I’m a genius.” Gabe has a holodeck with turrets. Addy is unsure about how to fix his sleep problems. Is tipping hurting workers and customers? Should low-paying jobs be career options? Gabe is not an early morning person.

Episode #219 – United States of Gabe

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Gabe does the funny, Addy does the magic. “I rob you all the time.” The Olympics have started! Winter Games is possibly a terrible video game. How awful is North Korea? America loves spreading democracy. The NFL has its first openly gay player. “It’s like kicking a dead dog.” People are angry about a dead giraffe. How much money would it take for Gabe to eat his cat? Bill Nye debated Creationists. How old is Earth? How important are facts? McDonald’s used to be awesome.

Episode #218 – Mexican Wrestling Theater

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

El Grande Luchadore está en el estudio! Los Roper no fue un buen espectáculo. El Grande Luchadore está dispuesto a luchar a Joe, para los niños. El Grande Luchadore tiene una vida familiar complicada. El Grande Luchadore sabe muchos luchadores. ¿Existen aún los orfanatos? Gabe regresa al estudio con un regalo. Los Red Hot Chili Peppers jugó desconectado en el Super Bowl. Un hombre se perdió en el mar durante muchos meses. Philip Seymour Hoffman tenía bolsas de drogas. Los juegos del hambre podría tener algo que ver con la comida, o no. Windows 8 es un buen sistema operativo. En contra Montgomery, una mujer transgénero se está ejecutando en contra de un senador del estado abiertamente gay. La gente puede ser convencido de nada. Los sentimientos son subjetivos. Gabe se explica cómo el mundo necesita trabajar. “Me sentí como si estuviera un dinosaurio.”

(El Grande Luchadore is in the studio! The Ropers was not a good show. El Grande Luchadore is willing to fight Joe, for the children. El Grande Luchadore has a complicated family life. El Grande Luchadore knows many wrestlers. Do orphanages still exist? Gabe returns to the studio with a gift. The Red Hot Chili Peppers played unplugged at the Super Bowl. A man was lost at sea for many months. Philip Seymour Hoffman had bags of drugs. The Hunger Games might have something to do with food, or not. Windows 8 is a good operating system. In Montgomery Counter, a transgender woman is running against an openly gay state senator. People can be convinced of anything. Feelings are subjective. Gabe explains how the world needs to work. “I felt like I was a dinosaur.”)

Episode #217 – American Cheerios

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Internet links can be distracting. Gabe’s phone is distracting. Addy does not like Peyton Manning. Addy has been watching cartoons in Spanish. Addy loves snow. George Zimmerman wants to box people. Mike Tyson has had a rough time. Philip Seymour Hoffman is dead. Gabe recently watched “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” for the first time. Cheerios put out a controversial commercial during the Super Bowl. Joe calls in to give his (white American) views on Coke and American culture. Are union workers ruining American grocery stores? The ingredients of Clif Bars change sometimes. How spoiled are Americans? (Answer: Lots.)