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Episode #216 – Relaxed Drivers

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Every introduction is a snowflake. Frederick roads are icy. When do pedestrians have the right of way? What’s the deal with people not driving cars holding up traffic? In politics, compromise is apparently weakness. Has the State of the Union ever been improvised? Zimmerman in the news! Gabe has an opinion about George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is active on Twitter. Gabe might be going on a cruise. What is the correct way to sleep? The Marlboro Man died. People are really, really lazy. How does a person lose weight properly?

Episode #215 – Don’t Go To Heathrow

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Addy traveled overseas to meet a man. Addy and Gabe have lead very public lives over the last seven years. Addy has issues with bathroom time. “I guess I really like to waste money.” Finnish pilots are apparently only funny in Finnish. Americans should embrace their Americanness. America lags behind Europe in many ways. Addy was waiting for the bus. Addy missed the train. Addy ate at McDonald’s. European train travel is excellent. Addy hates Heathrow airport. “That means there’s boobs.” “It’s rough being the only man with Twinkies in Africa.” Americans do not get enough vacation time. Gabe describes the rules and benefits of his job. Addy’s sleep is ridiculous. People who fall asleep immediately are weird. Fox News polls are fun times. There was a shooting at Columbia Mall.

Episode #214 – Gabe Watch 2014

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Gabe is sick. Can you actually catch a cold by being in the rain? Jim Henson is still dead. We are all going to die. Should we be scared of things we cannot control? Everyone makes mistakes, even doctors. Lawsuits are a bit out of hand. Steve Jobs did not handle his cancer properly. A famous voice-over person calls in. Addy has happy diet-related news. Is walking exercise? Man wins more lottery than originally thought. Man pushes woman’s head into a toilet. Man walks 30 miles in the cold to get to court. Polio or autism? What’s the deal with beings of pure energy? Nanobots are the future. Americans love high fructose corn syrup and red meat.

Episode #213 – Second Amendment Toilet Paper

Monday, January 13th, 2014

George Zimmerman is on Twitter. O.J. Simpson cannot stay out of trouble. Conservatives will never like Obama. Gabe wants to be George Zimmerman’s friend. Addy loves therapy. Video games are fun, change is not fun. Gabe thinks Addy could benefit from meditation. Americans love labels. Can a person choose their sexuality? “I’m not educated at all!” Gay divorce court is going to be fabulous. “Leave people alone.” What is meow-meow? Addy and Gabe are too old to try things. Robots are the future. Our universe is ever-expanding.

Episode #212 – Jobs on the Moon

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

“Why am I here?” Should you tip at a buffet? Where can unskilled workers work? Should minimum wage be increased? Gabe knows how to fix everything. Dennis Rodman cannot speak properly. “I got this.” North Korea is still a strange, terrible place. Michael Bay is awkward. Will radio ever die? Gabe is fascinated with media hacking. Music boxes can be very scary.

Episode #211 – Fighting the Elements

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Ledo Pizza should advertise on this show. Gabe is eating whatever he wants. “I am an exceptional person.” Working out is exhausting. “I am a man who is in constant pain.” American healthcare is very expensive. “You just have to die.” Life insurance is a huge scam. Addy and Gabe do not generally enjoy alcohol. Gabe got some neat new hardware for Christmas. Gabe tries to convince Addy that a 3D headset is not just a gimmick. How will the cold weather affect you? Gabe is not concerned about the polar vortex. Gabe shares happy news stories about a waitress, homeless people, and hotel guests. Who writes checks?