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Episode #210 – Democracy Not Detected

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Google is pushy. Gabe wants to disconnect from Google in 2014. Gabe has no time to play video games. Addy wants stricter copyright laws. Christmas time is here again. Gabe’s sixth grade teacher was his dad. Books are good Christmas gifts. What’s the deal with Scientology? Gabe tells the story of how he met Addy. Addy is concerned about bathroom availability at all times. How does dial-up internet work? Addy is lamenting his frequent vacations. What’s the deal with the yule log? Local podcaster Shaniqua calls in to discuss her show. Addy is expecting to have a sad New Years. “I am tired of feeling!”

Episode #209 – Broken and Bitter

Monday, December 16th, 2013

There is a big announcement about this show. “Eating is important.” Addy had a late Saturday night. The online dating scene isn’t great for Addy. Gabe went through a bad date phase. People are being executed in North Korea. Addy is confused by the third season of Game of Thrones. North Korea is a strange place. Gabe reads uplifting news stories. Should consumers read fine print? “Stop being poor.” Addy is not having a happy Christmas season. Addy reluctantly vents about his broken heart. “You need to create your own happiness, not to have happiness thrust upon you.”

Episode #208 – Obama Leg

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Snow! Gabe wants to be on unemployment. “Really, what does a knee do?” “There are a lot of entitled people.” Fast food workers want higher wages. How can poor people better themselves? Should birth control be mandatory in order to get welfare? “I don’t trust women.” This show has top notch production value. This show needs more people. Rob’s voice is like audio chocolate. How many vehicles does Mike need? How much money do pilots make? Gabe baked food. How can Love Gabe be funny while also being radio-friendly? Gabe helps Addy with making an online dating profile. Why doesn’t anyone call this show anymore? How many extra people will this show need when it goes big time?

Episode #207 – Alone on Thanksgiving

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Don’t mind the technical difficulties. Gabe had two Thanksgivings. Addy was home alone on Thanksgiving. Can you buy a starter pistol without a gun permit? Two guys from Zang Products call in for an interview about the pipe mug. Gabe does not want to bother anyone. Addy’s persistence gets results. Black Friday is a scam. Working retail is terrible. What is the deal with the Amazon drones? Gabe does not know what to do with a baby. Gabe has a brace.