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Episode #200 – Space Rock

Monday, September 30th, 2013

“And that’s 199 too many.” Breaking Bad is over. Hipsters love mobile record players. Will the show be able to give away 200 dollars? Why is the Affordable Care Act going to destroy the country? Gabe has prepared a retrospective. Tomnick calls in from a desolate place. Gabe reviews a CD by Nik Turner.

Episode #199 – Fake Tears

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Wonder Bread is back! Gabe will be reviewing products. “People often tell me that I have a heart.” Call in to win a prize. Addy is a creator. Programmers do not say “you’re welcome.” What is Twitter? Addy likes the “liveness” of this show. A transgender teen won homecoming queen. Should the goat represent transgender people? What was it like before 9/11? Addy’s mom in banned from listening. Grand Theft Auto V has sold many, many copies. Breaking Bad is really depressing when your best friend also has cancer.

Episode #198 – Comedy Leakage

Monday, September 16th, 2013

“Pretty much every conversation we have is hilarious.” Tragedy breaks out at the DC Navy Yard. Gabe really wants automated turrets. Are Addy and Gabe part of the media? Do people really care about swearing? “S-word.” One day, all cars will drive automatically. Gabe has a bone bruise. Speech Jammer can bend time and space. How terrible is DC football? Gabe wants to review video game products. Gabe tries to explain new 3D technology. A teenager was arrested for a virtual mass shooting. Rob sent in some new drops. “You hate me.” How much should one tip at a buffet? Addy still does not like minimum wage.

Episode #197 – Promotion

Monday, September 9th, 2013

How early should a morning show start? George Zimmerman is in the news again. Addy and Gabe interview some folks from The Machine Gun Nest ( Maryland has lots of rules. Don’t go to Baltimore. Gabe explains Syria. Gabe is baffled by war. Have you forgotten? Addy asks, “How does this effect me?” Detroit is a mess. Football has begun again. “Frederick swings both ways.” Can you sell a kitten on WTHU? Tipping has gotten out of control. Gabe wants to be a coal miner. Should the minimum wage be raised? Gabe explains why poor people buy things they can’t afford.