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Episode #178 – People Wax

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

The audience of this show is the smartest audience ever. How satisfying is this show? AM radio was not prepared for Addy and Gabe’s awesomeness. WTHU might someday pay money for this show. Dump buttons are expensive. Something happened in Boston. Have you forgotten? Addy has problems. Gabe interviews a leg. What is the best kind of girlfriend for a rich man? Damon always hated this show. Addy and Gabe used to do fake radio shows on cassette tapes. George Shell likes to wash his shell. Rob calls in to discuss his fake radio past with Gabe. Strange things are happening in the black gangster community. Certain topics cannot be summarized. Game of Thrones will be less confusing eventually. Addy does an impression of The Greaseman. “We’ve got to stop with the inside jokes.”

Episode #177 – Gardening and Cars

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Live from an actual radio station! Summer is a great time for revealing outfits and homeless people. Caller Sylvia attempts to glean. How much does Gabe know about gardens? “I avoid dirt.” How much does Addy know about driving cars? What is going on in the Maryland sky? What does Maryland have? Who is Fandango? Should Chocolate Rain be the new USA anthem? How can you tell if a pedestrian is blind?

Episode #176 – Reigning AM Radio Champions of the World

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

“The sun’s been trying to kill us for quite some time.” Gabe has defeated diabetes. Gabe has eye and font issues. A new drug can extend lifespan up to 150 years. Prisoners are well-fed. School pizza was not good. Gabe loves wrestling. Who will win the wrestling?

Episode #175 – Becoming Jewish

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Piano cat is great. A lot of wrestlers are dead. Successful men should not get married. Gabe is the only person on the planet who understands the plot of Game of Thrones. Addy has a new, bigger gun. Maryland gun laws are going to change. Gabe has his own guns. “I am always ridiculously high.” What happened to all of the famous radio people? The dump button will be used. What will be acceptable on the radio? Gabe has questions about the Jewish lifestyle. Addy wants to convert to Judaism. Judaism is like Fight Club. Should we be scared of North Korea? What racist terms of acceptable? The broadcast machine died near the end of the show, so this episode ends abruptly.