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Episode #174 – Not Adult Content

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

“It contains not adult content.” The Addy and Gabe Show will soon appear on WTHU, a local Maryland AM station, where they will have 1.2 million potential listeners! Should the morals of the present be imposed on the acts of the past? How forgiving is Baby Jesus? If you had one hour of being immune to laws, what would you do? “The lottery is hope for the hopeless.” There are many things that cannot be said. Should children be allowed to decide their gender roles? Why do some parents not parent? “Kids don’t know anything.”

Episode #173 – Constant State of Fear

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Hugo Chavez is dead. Is Castro dead? Cuba is great. “Aren’t we all related to Castro?” FDR proposed a second Bill of Rights. North Korea is insane. North Koreans eat people. “I like Korean food.” Who would save Addy from foreign detainment? What is a sequester? Why are Jewish people saving all that money? Snow is coming to Maryland. What is the Harlem Shake? Gabe would watch weather. “I wouldn’t listen to this show.” “Women live in a constant state of fear.” “Rob, has your wife gone fetal?”