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Episode #168 – Big Money, Big Prizes

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Who won the election? “Those people are generally late.” The former mayor of Mexico City, Maria Santos, was hot. “What the hell is going on in Mexico?” Gabe is going to win the lottery. Addy used to work with deaf people. Tomnick has a delay. Gabe details his lottery disbursements. “How much of this is going towards hookers?” How much is a human life worth? All millionaires need a Jew. How much money will Gabe’s brother not get? How cozy was the Hanoi Hilton? Gabe is still frustrated with religious people. Addy is leery of Jewish people. “You gotta watch those people.” “Next show, no racism.” Girls are not good with money. Addy might have a half-Jew child.

Episode #167 – Bras with Bows

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Gabe fears Twitter. Dead wrestlers are sometimes on Twitter. Addy and Gabe follow the 2012 presidential election. Who will win? “I voted early because I don’t trust Tuesdays.” How crazy is Mormonism? (Answer: very.) Addy claims all bras have bows on them. “I don’t even know where I am right now.” Pancake machine. “They’re quite pendulous.” Was Rob’s wife previously a man? Why do poor people like Romney? Vote Megatron! “Why did this get so racist?” “How often do you look between the breasts?” “We need more Jews.” Will Romney throw a hissy fit if he loses? Addy and Gabe were fired from NHB. The Damon clips will be missed. Shaggy calls in to discuss new beginnings. “Oh I like anal!” Remember when the Magic 8-ball accurately predicted Addy’s cancer? Tomnick calls in with his predictions for Communist Comrade America. Tomnick loves Nevada hookers. Gabe plays a bureaucratic cleric. Fox News looks sad. Shaggy!