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Episode #166 – The 2012 NHB Telethon: The Adventures of Purplefire’s Big Bare Beautiful Breasts

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Tomnick is in studio! Frustrated Damon calls in to talk about how narcissistic he is not. Are handjobs awesome or lame? Gabe found a wacky card game called Cards Against Humanity. Addy is too generous to poor people. What do these men have to do for donations? No one knows how to get to the beach. Who might help? Most of Addy’s tattoos are spontaneous decisions. Addy asks Gabe and Tom to choose between sex with a dead girl and sex with a living man. This quickly leads to a tranny discussion. “I am going to have a hard time getting away from the dead girl.” Purplefire is a big fan of the show. She knows how to wind sand. Gabe drove a truck once. On today’s impromptu edition of Love Gabe, Gabe tells us about erosion and impotence.