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Episode #161 – Bigots and Cookies

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

(First half hour of the show was lost due to a hardware failure. 🙁 )

Welcome to The Addy and Gabe Show, already in progress. Is the easy route the best route? “I don’t think I’d fuck an emu.” “To be fair, it only cost them three fifths of a customer.” “Is it gay if I masturbate in front of you?” What are the most popular videos on YouTube? Why would anyone want to buy CDs? A deeply religious family is keeping their brain-dead son Ryan on life support.

Episode #160 – Phoning It In

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Gabe goes to a female doctor. Game of Thrones is hard to follow. Emilia Clarke is still hot. Why no internet in Game of Thrones? Some television shows are good, and some are not. Gabe’s kitchen is sinking. Gabe wants to own a gun. Why does Math have rules? Can Gabe bribe his way through college? Why do retards and cripples keep trying? Guns are dangerous to teeth. Rad from NHB calls in to talk video games. Kids are getting high on poop.