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Episode #159 – Bathroom Break

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

“Shaggy!” Gabe is going back to school. “I’ve wasted so much of my life!” Gabe practices for the SATs. Addy does not hate Dubstep. What is the best position for anal? Scissoring is a bunch of crap. Game of Thrones is better with boobs. Does Daenerys have great breasts or the greatest breasts? How healthy is Gabe? Addy might not be able to get a gun if he is caught riding dirty.

Episode #158 – We’re Sorry

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

“You exhaust me.” Why do people call in when they aren’t listening? “Boobs are great.” We will all be dead in 40 years. “So Obama, with the gay!” “Women also have butt holes.” Addy and Gabe read literature. “Speaking of DVDA, Gabeā€¦” How much to blow a horse? “Why does it always have to be so gay?”

Episode #157 – Where is the Beach?

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

“Why are we here?” Gabe has Popeye forearms. Gabe shows everyone the way to the beach. Why can’t military people go anywhere without wearing camouflage? Fat people have strong legs. Gators still has a clusterfuck of a show. Why are airports stupid? The terrorists have won. People should use the honor system on the internet. Addy almost lived in Amsterdam. Gabe went to Florida. If you want to get laid, don’t be a pussy. Women constantly run out of gas. What is the shleeme? McDonald’s will put anything into a McFlurry.