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Episode #156 – Eating Chemotherapy

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

“Forty four more shows to go.” Do we have too much information? Remember when a person needed to be intelligent to use a computer? Remember when Danni was 14? Gabe was an AOL pimp. What should you not say to a person with cancer? Peter’s girlfriend has breast cancer and fabulous breasts. Plastic gives people cancer. Gabe eats retard breakfast. Gabe might be attracted to certain muscular men. Visit the racism museum and buy a t-shirt. Parents give children too much freedom.

Episode #155 – There is Always Poo

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

What is with the creepy music just before the upbeat introduction? Gabe hates Pearl Jam. Tomnick is on the phone from Hubbard, Ohio with a broken truck. Addy’s car doesn’t work today. He doesn’t know what it says. Gabe respects the automobile dealer. Technology is stupid on TV. Forge continues to not die. Who has the winning lotto ticket? Hospitals kill people, so why bother? “God, I’m not funny. I’m not fucking funny.” Black women smell different. Babies are stupid assholes. Women are still not funny. “Why does this show always go back to rape?” Danni is very happy to hear from Tomnick. Gabe is a defender of gay rights in public.