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Episode #154 – Nothing of Importance Was Lost

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Do space stations have internet? “Aliens have micropenis.” “I’m having trouble with the eggs. I don’t want to talk about it.” In order to have a perfect body, you have to be a gay man. “Maybe I’m gay.” “And I too can have sex with men.” The Trayvon Martin case does not make sense. “Shoot Johnny Gators.” In the news, a blind man drives to Taco Bell. 3D televisions with glasses are stupid and pointless. What does the future hold? Tune in next week for Tomnick live in studio!

Episode #153 – Guns and Paperwork

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Is the show introduction too complicated? Gabe does not bother himself with details. Addy requires too many details. Gabe really wants a new job that involves filling out paperwork. Addy is headed to the beach in March. Can Gabe do well in a fake interview? Gabe hopes to one day go into business for himself. Job hunting is awful. The dead black kid story that the guys discussed two weeks ago is now national news.

Episode #152 – Stop Doing That

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Damon wrote a homoerotic rap song about NHB. Dresses are very comfortable. Gabe has a new diet that has something to do with time travel. “I can shove some food down my face!” Exercise in not efficient. A black kid gets shot in Florida. “It’s like saying he has a Jewish nose.” Addy hates money in video games.  “He’s barely a human being.” Damon calls in to yell and be fat. Everyone wants a quad-cheeseburger. Does Rob’s wife have a penis?

Episode #151 – Robot Suits

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Addy has no patience for reading things. Gators is unable to fix Addy’s settings. Addy yells at a Scottish caller. Americans know absolutely nothing about the rest of the world. Addy tells the story about how he breezed through a class about fractions. Is a kilt a skirt? Addy disagrees with facts. Canadian politics works like politics in Star Wars. Addy and Gabe cancelled their SWTOR accounts, and Rob is sad. Gabe explains how to ruin someone’s day in EverQuest. Thailand: where the women are women and the men are too. Professor Bill and Big-breasted Lisa call in with their radio schtick. “We’re two steps away from killing each other.” Remember when Gabe was mistaken for a child molester? “We were not gay together.” Religion stems from a desire to not get raped.