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Episode #150 – “That’s 149 too many.”

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Gabe does the opening in Simmish. Damon sends out a strongly-worded email about his vision. “Can the rest of you?” A Canadian caller does not like Bryan Adams. Gators calls in to clarify syrup brands and not much else. Addy made the mistake of letting a woman buy something. Where do ┬ádiseases come from? “I think Jesus made AIDS.” Has a human actually had sex with a monkey? It took 150 shows to finally get to the animal rape. How awesome is Rick Santorum? Gabe gets angry about stupid people.

Episode #149 – “I make more money than ants.”

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

On a very romantic episode, Addy and Gabe discuss appropriate gifts for Valentine’s Day. Tomnick calls in from Idaho (where potatoes come from). Who would win in a fight: bee or spider? What exactly is a wasp? Gift-buying is complicated. Gabe loves The Lube Station. Addy has a lot going on. How does one handle a barking dog? Addy reveals his choice for president in 2012! What is an appropriate outfit for a dead fetus? What is the future of birth control in America? How does an intelligent person make sense of ridiculousness? Why are some people gay? Why do gay people sound so gay? What is the gayest show on NHB?

Episode #148 – Duck Anus Pills

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Tomnick makes his long-awaited return to the studio! Why does Gabe need a mixer at his job? Gabe is sick. Tom is a doctor. What’s the deal with showing receipts while leaving stores? Does the president ever ejaculate on his subordinates? Gabe does not understand daylight savings time. Where did winter go? Female college soccer players make for great lunchtime entertainment. Why wear the low-cut top if men can’t look? After the break, the callers try really hard to stop the show. Addy gets his gun. “We could be homeopathic abortion doctors!” Which religion is correct? “As soon as we hit rape, it’s time to end the show.”