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Episode #144 – Where is The Greaseman?

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Gabe received a very special email today. Typing is not tolerated in MMOs. Today we learn how to budget your money, like the Jews. Addy hates teenagers. Gabe hates hipsters. Addy finally reveals how he really feels about Gators’ (bad) show. “I don’t know if he’s black enough.” Addy explains math. 99 percent of podcasts are really, really terrible. The Greaseman needs to host a podcast. What is Epic Meal Time?

Episode #143 – “Don’t you point at me!”

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Excellence is difficult. What is the future of The Addy and Gabe Show? The stream doesn’t work today. Gabe has no sense of direction. Addy still thinks his house is alive. Breakfast is good at all hours of the day. Gabe makes sure to order a diet soda when he consumes 5000 calories at McDonald’s. It is a great time to be a video gamer. Addy is going to hate SWTOR. Will Addy and Gabe be good or evil in SWTOR? Who is Gabe’s best friend: Addy, Rob, Gun, Bell, Goat or Toaster? All this and more could very well be answered in the next episode. Be there!