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Episode #139 – “Addy does not equal yellow.”

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

After being away for a few weeks, the guys return for two hours of spooky fun. “It’s not that I wasn’t listening, it’s that I don’t care.” Gabe really wants an umbrella. The guys explain how to literally get away with murder. (Can a podcast summary be used as evidence?) Bad callers are well handled because Addy and Gabe are professionals. Are migraines real? Addy is warming up to the Mac. Danni had some brain issues. “LSD is a tough drug, man.” Gators has nothing to say, but he calls in anyway. Tomnik checks in from the road to discuss self-driving trucks, road whores and being polite to police officers. “Look, we’re both armed.” Tune in next show for the McRib challenge!

Episode #138 – Still Dead

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Time for another flawless introduction. Steve Jobs is dead because Macs can do everything but cure cancer. Maximize a window in OSX? “Why would anyone wanna hear that?” “It’s the end of iLife.” Addy lives next to people who sell things to teenagers. “Have you tried rebooting him?” Sleeping is really expensive. “It’s not an addiction.” Steve Jobs is still planking. Addy has Tony Montana paranoia. Gabe wants turrets. Addy’s insomnia may stem from childhood trauma. Gabe’s car needs work. Addy thinks he is ready for a Jeep.