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Episode #137 – Awkward

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

“It does not contain racial slurs.” Welcome to the Atheist Jew Network. Addy is having sleeping issues. Gabe is not. The Addy and Gabe Show was the fifth best show (out of eight) on the NHB telethon! Does anyone want a plastic wooden clock? Time for a break featuring the awesome new A&G promo. After the break, things get awkward. Time for cereal talk. Is this the final episode of The Addy and Gabe Show? Tune in next week!

Episode #136 – For a Dollar

Monday, September 5th, 2011

The NHB telethon is on the air! This show has many introductions. The guys are not good at asking for handouts (because they have jobs). Young Tyler calls in to drink and not know about Garbage Pail Kids. Young people drink because it’s fun. Old people drink because they need it. People who donate might win an FM radio! Unlike most NHB listeners, Tyler loves showers. Will Gabe get waxed by Danni for a donation? Break for poop. Will scratch-off win? Addy poops again. An funny Australian guy named Marco wants to see Gabe topless. Don’t miss the surprise caller during the second half of the show. You will not be disappointed! How much do truck stop hookers cost? Here comes the Blackhouse. “It’s like a concentration camp in your mouth.” Anyone who was waiting for the racism should look to the third hour of the show. “We’re like Hitler.” Forge calls in to talk about being not dead and having lots of drugs.