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Episode #132

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Lots of things make Addy and Gabe mad, like unappreciated comedy. Gabe has a stunning reveal about his health. Do not disturb Gabe when he is eating onion rings. Addy might be a “super taster.” “The question is, why wouldn’t he jerk off a horse?” Freddy Got Fingered is terrible and great. Addy and Gabe lay out their plans for complete NHB take-over. “My balls are sweaty.”

Episode #131

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

(The seemingly homeless) Gators is in the studio! Please to enjoy the new Addy and Gabe Show introduction, which actually works better as a promo. Everyone who loves guns wants to kill people. “I want to have a wife so I can shoot her!” At least once per week, Gabe runs mostly nude into his living room with a machete. The sheriff of Fredrick County has an insane cousin who likes fireworks. Deaf people sound retarded when they laugh. Can deaf people play baseball? “They’re definitely better than the blind baseball team.” After the break, the nuances of gun ownership are explained by a good caller. Who brings a bird to a party? Gators reads the shows.