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Episode #130

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Tonight’s goal is to do the worst show ever. Never forget Super E’s tuba died so you could hear this show. Gabe calls the show. Addy bought a gun. Guns are handy for changing channels on the TV and protecting your women. Gun plus video camera equals real life Doom. “My balls won’t fit in that shotgun.” Damon clips can save any show. “Poor, confused Damon. He’s so blind.” Starting in August, the show will be broadcasting on Wednesdays. Be there!

Episode #129

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Danni has confiscated Gabe’s electronics, which angers and confuses Gabe. Perhaps the solution is for Gabe to start drinking? “Six for six, baby!” Gators calls in with his racist beer ideas. Addy details the exploits of his colon. “I have been awake for plenty of things that have gone up my ass.” Addy has been playing Portal 2. Gabe has night terrors about bugs. “I want a representative in Congress that is going to show the cock.” The word of the day is certitude. Acting is easy. Work is not really work unless you break a sweat. Gabe is tired of working. Gators is only allowed to use a microphone that can be muted.