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Episode #121

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Gabe has a new “bot” friend. Trees and horses kill people. Gabe might be retiring from fighting. Merging in Maryland is hard. “You’re a douche-bag!” Did the Japanese have it coming to them? How many people died during World War II? Annoying skinny kids should not taunt big fat kids. Time to Guess the Race! All Gabe wants is a card. Is it boring to be rich?

Episode #120

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Macs are just stupid and pointless, much like their users. Java is awful. The only thing Apple does well is marketing. Addy gives free computer advice. Gabe obeys everything his GPS says. Did you know some people are still into this whole religion thing? What a bunch of goofballs. Faith is stupid. The no-cussing rule is still on-going on The Addy and Gabe Show. “Speaking of blowjobs, James moved out.” Only white people love Baltimore. Gabe wonders about drugs. Gabe wants three cheese steaks. Addiction is just another word for lack of self-control. Gabe is over bacon, but he has a picture of bacon on his phone. The Greaseman never deserved to be fired. Charlie Sheen is awful at radio. Gators foolishly calls in for technical support. The goat reads the shows.

Episode #119

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Danni out of town, but Gabe is a professional. Gators still did not buy a new scanner. Gabe had ridiculous jury duty, complete with a stuttering defense attorney. Even in a courtroom, Gabe is still funny. Time for a break with old, terrible promos. Could Damon be on a jury? Gabe needs to see labia. “Why can’t people just use their real names?” Gators reads the shows. The guys will require an in-studio Tomnik replacement.