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Episode #118

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Gabe finds smart-phones to be useless. The world is going to hell, and we still don’t have Minority Report technology. Gabe is cheap. The No Cussing Show fails at the 8 minute mark. Gabe works for Hitler. The only true version of “A Christmas Carol” is the one with Mickey Mouse. Damon has forgotten what tits look like. Americans are arrogant assholes. Gabe is angry about burrito bowls and soft tacos. Chris calls in with tips for the aspiring alpha male. Break for terrible NHB promos and podcast-safe music. Gabe kicked one of his players out of his D&D game. Cooper from NHB calls in to talk food. “You trust those slant-eyed bastards?” Addy is concerned about his THAC0.

Episode #117

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

DC radio is not what it used to be. Sports radio is terrible. Addy was on The Don and Mike Show. There is no point counting sexual partners, especially if you are a huge whore. Retards are extra strong. “Only sissies love their family.” Gabe is not interested in screwing a robot until they can work out handjobs. Addy has enjoyed a rimjob. “I wouldn’t wish my asshole on my worst enemy.” Gabe tried to shave his asshole once, and only once. “It drives me nuts.” Gabe cares not for the trivialities of people he does not know. Gators enjoys manscaping. Common Damon tweet: “It is dark.” Can a fleshlight be used as a flashlight? Chris is too classy for real dolls. He only destroys real ovaries. Chris and Gabe play a round of Guess the Race. Chris reminds everyone to go to for more fun. At what point does kitty love become unhealthy? And now, The Mr. Gosh Song! The girlfriends join the show to discuss cats.

Episode #116

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Addy’s heat doesn’t work today. He doesn’t like what it says. Gabe had a fender bender that was not his fault. Professor Bill calls in to not laugh ridiculously. A revolution will never happen in the United States. Addy is angry about taxes, poor people, unemployed people, McDonald’s, Obama, and Gabe’s girlfriend. “Hey look, there is a picture of my cock.” Macs are useless machines. There is nothing wrong with dick pictures on your cell phone. ¬†Gators’ computer does not work, but at least it is not a Mac. Gators has a Windows Phone, because he is a real American. How far should one drive for Mom’s birthday? Remember, it is not gay if there an “LOL” on the end. Damon finds his iPhone to be very handy. “This is a picture of a penis.” Blind jokes, still funny. Gators is a cheap bastard.