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Episode #115

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Welcome to the very mellow Addy and Gabe. It is a cold, snowy day in DC. Cell phones are making kids assholes. No kids are left behind, but many should. “Most Jewish people are atheists.” Chris (from calls in with some political commentary. “Rights are only for people who have things to hide.” Chris and Gabe discuss wrestling. Gabe uses wrestling videos as foreplay. All sports are gay, especially football. Female doctors are terrible. You can now buy half-baked pizzas for some reason. People need to stop Checking In on Facebook. Why did a lot of Gabe’s old friends become Jesus lovers? Maybe because Gabe needs help loving Jesus. The guys invent something marvelous. Addy wrote a game. Whatever happened to the script for The Addy and Gabe Movie? Gabe will head to the gym next month.

Episode #114

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

It’s an all new The Addy and Gabe Show, with an all new show icon. Podcast listeners rejoice! Addy will require non-cancer surgery. What if you knew the day you were going to die? ” God is a dick.” The guys have no desire to hang out with anyone from NHB. “There is only one way to think, and that is my way.” Tipping is out of control in America. Gabe has never seen True Romance. Addy hates Comcast customer service. “Just do it now!” Addy’s anger gave him cancer. Friend of the show Starscream606 calls in with happiness advice. Addy attempts a blind Mountain Dew taste test. Damon does not want to host an NHB slumber party, nor does he want to move in with Gators. Don Geronimo is a pussy. Addy loves broken women. A listener submitted some bumpers.

Episode #113

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Hot streaming action! Sleep is great if you can get it. Gabe tries out a brand new 2011 introduction. Addy loves his new cable internet and Belladonna. Why do women in porn bother to talk? Gabe attempts the introduction again. Running causes cancer. “I am going to drink until you’re pretty.” New Years is best in pajamas. Dick Clark makes everyone sad. Addy realizes that Howard Stern is not funny if you are over the age of 12. Sailors are supposed to curse. “If you’re in the Navy, you’re probably gay.” Weight gain is fun. Addy cannot wait to carry at least one gun. “Just give them cancer!” Damon has no drugs for Addy. Chris (aka Starscream) calls in to entertain only the hosts of this show. A female figures out how to use a phone. “I fucking hate arguing with women.” Any enjoyment the listeners get from this show is purely unintentional. The woman who might replace Tomnik calls in with her drama and discourse. Send in your questions for next week’s Love Gabe!