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Episode #112

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Addy found tapes of his college radio days. “Nothing has changed.” Except his voice. One thing that has never changed: technical difficulties. College Radio Addy has fun with telemarketers. “That sounds like the worst idea ever. Let’s give it a shot.” Gators calls in to help fix the show. Gabe claims he has nothing to talk about, but Danni says otherwise. “It’s The Addy and Got Nothing Show.” Gabe had to kill off a character in his D&D game because of a frog. “I kind of feel like I have slept with half the internet.” Apparently, if you have something that involves feces, you too can be an NHB super star. Gabe sometimes goes into his head. Halfway through the show, they start the show. Addy has a yukalaylee. Gabe installed his own car stereo. “Unhook the battery first.” “Addy and Gabe, better than The Mike O’Meara Show!” Minus the previous radio career, of course. “Speaking of DPing moms…” A local black woman may or may not be the replacement for Tomnik.  Gabe will buy an HDTV when his old tube TV dies. Gabe has an NPR voice.

Episode #111

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Doug Tracht turned 60 today. Gabe is a White Class guy. Gabe treats his computers like he treats his women. (He ignores them?) Addy regrets buying a house. Addy shares his fears. Gabe’s annoying new co-worker got fired. Gabe’s company has awful Christmas parties. The guys discuss gayness. Time for the Christmas gift exchange, featuring Jesus, Lord of the Dragons. Drivers are most insane in December. Gabe prefers to minimize meta in his D&D game. Gabe reluctantly brings back Love Gabe. “Since the dawn of time, Asians have feared fire.” There are always lessons to be learned… from Love Gabe. Can a child look at a child pornography? Addy does not trust men with mustaches. Beards are ok. Gabe is a busy man. “You people are too stupid to get it.” Gabe gives us the truth about comedy.

Episode #110

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Addy is losing patience because nothing is working. Luckily Orson Welles was available to open the show. The guys ad-libbing the opening is funny. The pre-pubescent Torsoboy checks in with a retarded question from Video Vamp. Addy thinks migraines are fake, like Deadliest Catch. One third of a Tylenol PM pill is all Gabe needs. Addy does not trust people who fall asleep easily. Why do women get upset about bad dreams? “This is why beating women should not be illegal.” Men know when the heat comes on. Some of the young people at Gabe’s D&D game are troublesome. The vocoder would make the D&D games better. The guys miss Star Wars Galaxies. The internet is a depraved, angry mess. Addy is searching for a new Tomnik (aka someone to sit and laugh at them). Gators calls in to remind people to check out Lets Go Talk. Girls do really dumb crap on Facebook. Would people pay 20 dollars for an A&G app? A caller wants to see the big bag of sex that is Gabe. Addy hates 3D. People want to press their luck. A caller wants to know why Addy is hanging up on people. What if the guys replaced Tomnik with The Greaseman? Addy thinks The Addy and Gabe Show is boring. Gabe thought he would be doing “adult things” by now. Addy does not unconditionally support the troops, because he has a working brain. Parents who encourage their kids to join the military are bad parents. Katy Perry still has great tits. Sad Goat reads the shows. Check out Gabe’s new D&D podcast at