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Episode #109

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

No employed adult should call anyone at 3pm just to chat. “I really feel like we are letting down a lot of people.” Gabe is mad at the bird. What happened to Love Gabe? The guys are missing someone to laugh in the background. Gabe is gearing up for his D&D session. The vocoder makes the introduction funnier. Spelling and grammar is very important. “It’s fun to make fun of kids.” There are a lot of useless college degrees out there. Gabe is going to sue the internet. The internet is a fad. The guys love Microsoft products, except Windows ME. What would the Australians do if the USA set up a base there? Addy did not like The Matrix. Gabe still does not care about high definition. Gabe knows car repair. Gators calls in the ask the Magic 8-ball. Gabe turns into a jerk when he is hungry. Ordering pizza online without human contact is the best thing ever. Time for a break for over-done commercials. Gabe has always hated Addy. At 33, Gabe is ready to die. At least bluegrass gives him a reason to live. The show will now be on Tuesdays to accommodate D&D.

Episode #108

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Gabe has a Handy Recorder H4N. Gabe is beta testing a mysterious new game that is not Choplifter. Do people still use MSN Messenger? Addy once liked an arcade game with tubes. Addy steps out for a soda, leaving Gabe to talk to the people. Women will always take you back. Before the NES, did video games have endings? What was the world like before Ambien? Gabe has to work on Black Friday, and he does not work in retail. Gabe has a terrible memory. Console controllers are awful for FPS games. The guys remember the days of the NES, when controllers made sense. Tomnick knows how to handle cops, even while drunk. Always keep cool around the police. Remind him that you both have guns, be white, or at least pee your pants. Addy was once verbally assaulted in a parking lot. Now he wants a gun. “The wireless adds funny.” The AI in Battlefield 2142 is stupid. Online gaming is an angry place. Everyone should watch Community.

Episode #107

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
BAM! Have you ever had goat meat? Addy calls bull on Deadliest Catch. Addy forgets to turn on the vocoder until 20 minutes into the show. “Listen to the nothing.” Addy is ready to go wireless, because wireless equals more funny. Danni laughs at Gabe when he falls. The guys have plenty of great ideas for visual enhancements to the show. Gabe reveals his plans for his own D&D internet radio show. Addy hates some of the greatest video games of all times. If a game requires an extensive tutorial, it is not worth playing. Gabe reviews the insanely violent Call of Doody: Black Ops. Danni says racism is not funny, which is not true at all. Gabe did not like Fallout New Vegas, because he has never been to the city of blinding lights. The Force Unleashed II has annoying controls and a bad Vader voice. Where do blind people go when not doing internet radio shows? The NHB network is lacking in content these days. “Lack of listeners has never stopped us.” Always say “MP3 uploaded to a server,” not “podcast.” Addy supposedly used to feed Gabe and Tom. Gabe thinks Katy Perry has a vocoder. Addy thinks she has great tits. The guys attempt to sing along with Katy via the vocoder. Gabe is over sex. The Addy and Gabe Show is now a weekly show!

Episode #106

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Gabe does not like to be touched, especially in his pod. The guys recommend the separate sheet policy for all couples. “I hit her a lot when I sleep.” Gabe thinks comic books are for kids and/or fags. “I’m sorry I had cancer!” Break time for rule-breaking. Gabe does not pay attention. Gabe still hates his new trainee. Addy reminds Gabe that they do a great show. Gabe would know that if he listened. Addy gets a new vocoder working, resulting in awesomeness. This may be the funniest thing since the drunk Tom show. “This is so hot I want to do myself.” Oh Yeah Guy reads the news. Play us out, Dan Deacon!

Episode #105

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Gabe brought the Broadcast Voice Handbook, which should ensure a quality program. Addy wonders if they are as bad as Video Vamp. (Answer: No.) The guys are pioneers of eating on the radio. (Anyone else reminded of the movie Fatso?) “This is the most delicious Addy and Gabe Show ever.” Gabe has a pet fly at work. “I don’t like Asian women.” But Gabe loves… McRib! Moose from The Test Show calls in with election updates. Gabe thinks he might need both buckets. “It’s in my beard!” Danni tells Gabe “Blow your nose and eat.” Now that’s a good woman. The rent has indeed gotten a tad unreasonable. At The Haven, poorly parented 10-year-olds can play Xbox online with unemployed fat guys. In 2011, Addy will not use Facebook. Instead, he will go to, because it is the best site ever. Feel free to fast forward as Addy spoils Paranormal Activity 2. Gabe has a machete at his bedside; Addy has a remote control. Addy cannot tell the difference between something he does not like and something that is terrible. Addy discovers the joy of! Addy reminds us that 19-year-old females are a gift to men 21 and older. Gabe reminds us that things that seem great as a kid, like doctors, government and Santa, turn out to be a bunch of crap when you grow up. The guys lay down the truth about the job market. Addy laments the eight hour work day concept. Gabe hates his new trainee. Addy hates stupid shit.