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Episode #104

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Gabe was unable to find the official Don Geronimo PV119. Wrestlers occasionally kill family members with their bare hands. “I know how to use a computer.” A wrestling fan calls in about the murders. Addy finally finds the John Cena, which is the only thing that will make Gabe stand up. Gabe had to train a new guy at work, and he made sure to not only tell him where to go, but also what to do when he got there. Addy and Gabe care about vocabulary. Bill Gates uses a Mac, right? Addy promises he will work full days at his new job. If you have ever asked your IT guy for help, he hates you. In the future, after the apocalypse, healthcare is free. Addy likes being able to buy books again. The guys remember the days before cell phones, when people carried quarters, remembered phone numbers, wrote letters, planned ahead, and waited for stuff. Direct deposit is hard. Addy fears paperwork more than cancer. Gabe loves paperwork. In the news, a naked man and a dead Segway owner. In order to have a quality show, you must not be friends with the audience, you must not involve the audience too much, and you must not let the audience actually listen to the show.

Episode #103

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

The guys attempt to contact the unemployed Douglas Tracht, aka The Greaseman. It would be great if he did a promo for The Addy and Gabe Show. Only people with bad parents go to war. Gabe explains Doug’s racist but funny remarks. The guys would love to do an entire show talking about blind people.  Gabe says he only pirates movies because Best Buy does not have them in stock. Time for a break to not like what the screen says. Don’t forget to donate during the telethon and submit testimonials. (Wait, what?) Gabe does not care about HDTV. Gabe proceeds to rant about the awfulness of DC radio. Gabe presents his video review of Dead Rising 2, which is more entertaining than you might expect. How hard is it to make a 3D wrench? Gabe consults Rob, a former art student, about the wrench issue. Maybe The Greaseman can get a show on NHB? Addy is still writing things down.