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Episode #98

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

The news from Addy’s fantasy land is “It’s not that horrible of a job market.” Gabes tries desperately to explain why the average American does things like commute and work a full work week. At 33, Gabe cares little for celebrations of escaping the womb. Pennsic has showers, which is a pleasant surprise. It also has bugs, floods and portable toilets, which is less good. Gabe asks for context. Narcoleptic Lisa from HS&HG calls because she feels like anus. Addy is intrigued by the potentially lethal projectiles and the smelly fornication at Pennsic. Gabe gets mad (and rightfully so) about trendy, unnecessary words (such as “podcast”). “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I hate.” Only snob artists are offended by that. The guys discuss their sleeping disorders. (Life tip: Never trust anyone who falls asleep quickly.) After the break, Addy shows us his Rubik’s Cube and armpit pimples. Gators calls in to criticize Addy’s cubing. Thinking about radio personalities who say racist things, it makes one wonder what goes through their heads between the time that the racist thought enters the brain and the time the thought becomes spoken words. Gabe explains why everyone is wrong (especially rednecks) and why research is important. Addy reminds us to not choose to get cancer, because it makes pooping difficult.