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Episode #97

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Addy would do a show with Forge. Gators calls in to replace Tom and sell some boxes. Everything is free on the internet, even Lemur porn. Thirty six minutes in, the show actually starts. Addy is correct in not wanting to shove anything into his eyeballs. That’s just gross. Gabe claims he has a clean apartment, yet he keeps losing things. Should the government drug test people on unemployment? Apparently the government only gives money to people who are irresponsible and preferably procreating. Addy has a great idea that cats should only live for about two cute kitty years. Gabe describes how to kill rabbits that are trained to die. Addy and Gabe hate the unintuitive nature of Mac products. Why do we have to press Command+delete to delete a file? Addy still misses buying things, much like most Americans. Don’t forget that Tuesdays are now Rape Night. Gabe usually prefers sleep over sex with Danni… it’s like they are already married. Gabe hates vuvuzelas. Addy loves them, for some reason. No matter how neat Apple’s hardware is, iTunes still feels like the retarded outcast child of the Apple software family. Gabe sings the shows with the help of Survivor.

Episode #96

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Welcome to The Stuffed Up and Smokey Show. Addy keeps a log of his poops. And so begins the great meringue debate. The guys reminisce on the very first Addy and Gabe Show, before it was even called that. Back when it was a challenge to fill fifteen minutes of show with content and not awkward pauses. “Normal people, they don’t laugh at funny stuff.” And in one sentence, Gabe sums up with is wrong with the entertainment industry overall. Most people are too dumb for good comedy. “Are you recording this?” Just like old times. The Craig Ferguson “awkward pause” apparently works better as a visual gag. Gabe reveals a deep, dark secret about pie. Time for a break to listen to the Jack Nicholson laugh. Gabe tells the water bed story. Addy needs a vacation from being unemployed. Gabe employs the “Stop doing that!” method of therapy on Addy. Apparently Liam has found Jesus, and apparently that’s where you find vagina.