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Episode #93(?)

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Cathy does not want to talk into the mic. “It was a little too urban for me.” Gabe says that about everything black except the women. Technical details plague the early minutes of the show. “I am potentially unprotected.” If Gabe had a nickel, right? Little A&G factoid: They broadcast in mono, but record in stereo. The guys talk in their sad voices about Tom. Gabe gives Addy presents, both of which smell lovely. Thanks to Mead, this show becomes very educational. Addy makes a big health-related announcement. The guys would welcome Socialism, just not the bad kind. Vivaldi is great smoking music. Gabe states, “They can’t be that smart if they are going so crazy for Jesus.” He follows up with, “Everyone hates the Jews.” The guys speak for awhile about the ins and outs of religion. Time for a break with songs from the guy who wrote Still Alive. The guys come back just in time to find out about unexpected things that come out of Gabe’s anus. There is a discussion on how modern sugary procedures are not as advanced as you might think. Addy confirms, “I think about things.” Addy shows his bag to Gabe. They finally decide that doctors just don’t know. “I’ve had so many fingers shoved up my ass, it’s not even funny.” Well, maybe a little. “I don’t know how gay guys do it!” Addy wonders what Jews do during Passover. Drink, fuck, and fight? Ah yes, nothing like lighting up a cigarette right after a big discussion about cancer, colons and enemas.