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Episode #86

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Danni is attempting to enable Gabe’s cookies. Danni is a Mac user so the guys feel the need to talk slower to her. After a riveting introduction, the show abruptly cuts off after 30 minutes.

Episode #85

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Tom is back and he is ready to… press his luck! Gabe reminds us why the American health insurance system is bad. Will Addy and Gabe get fired soon? Tune in to next week’s The Gabe Show to find out. Time to play Guess the Race… the game that is not as black as you think!

The Addy & Gabe Show #84

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Gabe is wrong. Farts are funny at any age, in moderation. Obama sounds like The Rock. McCain sounds really old. Everyone is waiting for McCain to drop the N-bomb. If McCain was a real hero, he’d have killed himself instead of getting caught. Liam calls to challenge Gabe to Mortal Kombat when he is in studio at the end of the month. Time to guess why Tom is pissed at Addy! Addy did a bad, bad thing, and the worst part is that he has no remorse. Let the rationalization begin! The only consolation is that women are all whores. Time for a break so Addy can go to his room and think about what he did. McCain sounds tired and old. Time for the teletype… bacon bomb… blind man driving… Danni has moved in with Gabe. To our friend Tom… we hardly knew yee.