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The Addy & Gabe Show #83

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Gabe’s new beard is menacing. He is ready to host The Family Feud. Bacon and Tits, this way. Bow chica bow! Addy had his penis swabbed. “I prefer a man,” he says. Any guy listening to this conversation is grabbing himself in disgust. Addy and Gabe mispronounce “Palin”. McCain and Dole used to go Dinosaur riding. Barack hates black people. Time for loud sounds, then back for lung butter. Bacon goes with everything. At the demolition derby, they have rednecks that love meaningless authority and teenage MILFs. Addy attempts to ironically give sex advice. Gabe says we should shoot teenagers that have babies. The show cuts off mid-sentence. Tune in next week to see who got shot.

The Addy & Gabe Show #82

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Gabe sings gayly for yee. Time to geek out with Star Wars trivia. We are still waiting for our free accounts. No dash needed. Let folks make their own decisions on that. What would happen if NPR featured the N-word and skull fornication? Gabe shows his helmet to everyone. We take a moment to pray for Super E and his anus. Welcome to Poop Talk. Today’s topic: What is a hemorrhoid? “Abortion is like… man’s gift to man,” attests Gabe. The topic somehow turns to Addy’s child support payments and how one cannot trust a woman. The show has a moment of irony when Addy tries to convince Gabe that condoms do not break. Take a break, gentlemen. “I am god.” Time to get sexy time with Gabe’s beard and his mic. C-word time: 1:29:00. Gabe would like to anally rape Sarah Palin. (Who wouldn’t, right?) The Haven most likely smells quite bad. Sing us out Gabe!

Hodads Radio Show #1

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Featured songs:

  •  Knees for Nicotine
  • All the Characters in the Know
  • Cog in the Marketplace
  •  Stroke Books