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The Addy & Gabe Show #81

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Welcome to the NHB Telethon 2008 with Addy and Gabe! Unofficially sponsored by Ledo Pizza. Liam calls to discuss Hanna the Whore. The Weapons of War book and the Krusty-O’s are still available. Do whatever you want to Addy’s box. Don’t trust people that sing in musicals. Liam educates us on the world of cripples. 55 minutes in and we have N-word. Break for some testimonials. Girls that like zombies are awesome. Gabe has his handy Zombie Survival Guide. Chancellor Damon calls in with his support. Gabe goes into NPR mode. Cue the Billy Joel. Addy’s funny knows no bounds, and that is why this show is best. “You are always wrong, Gabe,” claims Addy. The guys play scratch-off and win nothing for NHB. They call Professor Bill to get his wolf towel. Bill says, “your guy’s” and laughs. A guy calls in to fuck his own face. Don’t forget to donate to fund the upcoming Addy and Gabe at Andrew’s Funeral Show. Gabe tells the hysterical tale of when he crapped his pants in his car. This story causes Danni to dump Gabe via instant message. They find a staple gun in the studio, which could lead us into Addy and Tom at Gabe’s Funeral Show. Play us out, Billy!

The Addy & Gabe Show #80

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Welcome to The Great Spider Debate. McCain invented war and writing. America should adopt a Parliament system. Shaggy calls with his support. The guys find it hard to care. Caring eventually becomes a pain in the ass. The true fans of this show are Tom, Danni, Rob (me) and anyone with a email account. A guy calls in with a drunk Robert Shaw impression. Addy is a lazy bitch, at least according to his work schedule. “I don’t want to commute for six figures, wah!” Gabe is a little awesome and lesbians need a little deep dick action now and then. Addy sounds like Louis C.K. And now… no news.

The Addy & Gabe Show #79

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

The screen still doesn’t work. Fifteen minutes into the show, they finally start. Danni will be moving in with Gabe! Expect her as a regular on the show soon. Russia has invaded Georgia, in search of peaches apparently. The search for the McRib begins. Somehow talk of McD’s turns sexual. Then they call Germany for Das McRibzen. “I used to be a man… once!” “Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?” Gabe sings the German McD’s song. It’s quite good. Addy got a rim job when he was in Bolivia. Gabe lies about his sexual escapades. A caller tries to defend South America, and yet he lives in Texas. If the poor did not want to be made fun of, they’d stop being poor. The reading of the shows does not work.