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The Addy & Gabe Show #76

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Gabe be hating on the Jews again. Tom and Addy are friends of the Jews. Then they dance! Sadly, George Carlin is fucking DEAD! Creepy Jim calls in to support bringing sexy back. Addy proceeds to raise the roof throughout the show. Nothing like anal sex to prove you are not gay. Today’s musical selections include What What in the Butt and I Want to Fuck You in the Ass. Addy gives us a glimpse of the inner workings of NHB. Addy sucks at eBay. Weed Show Time: 1:24:00. They break out the Love Gabe theme. Damon calls in to every other NHB show… except this one. Danni calls to interrupt the Carlin talk with hot stories from Girl Scout Camp. Never believe Gabe when he says he will visit you. They’ll be right this after that. During the break, we hear “Used to be a Man” which is always good. “In fact, never play this again.” Damon finally calls in to argue with himself. Gabe tells the story of the hot naked lesbian from work. Rob (me) messages Gabe about Carlin. Myspace is useless and self-centered, just like the rest of the internet and this show. Good night everybody!

The Addy & Gabe Show: Episode 75

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Alan Parsons Project and Rick Astley get things going. Then they play Press Your Luck. Addy has a secret that does not involve Cancer. One of the current listeners, one of the guys has been inside. Gabe has issues with gay marriage terminology. Gabe says gayness is a choice because no one is born gay. “I’m gay and I want to be gay. I like being gay,” says Addy not at all out of context. The fate of the homosexual community will be decided tonight on… The Addy and Gabe Show! “The whole point of marriage is to have children,” claims Gabe. Gabe also wants to vote for McCain. Yikes. Obama’s running mate should be Marion Barry from Ward 8! Break for loudness. “How thick is wall?” Gabe bought a bow, which should be great for killing deer. Break time for the catchy rap and advice from Grandpa. Super E calls in to speak of virginity and play Press Your Luck. Gabe’s Excuse Generator ( is funny. Damonbot plays Press Your Luck, which works far too well. DVDA Princess Sarah calls in and scares off Gabe.

The Addy & Gabe Show: Episode 74

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Welcome to the Ultimate Gabe and Addy Show! Gabe tells the tale of The Ultimate Warrior and his lack of testicles. “God, why do I know that?” asks Gabe, after rattling off a whole bunch of crap about wrestling that a grown man probably should not know. The NHB radio network was actually inspired by the most excellent Hulk Hogan movie. Gabe finally admits he hates Jews. Oi! Yes, but on the other hand, they gave us Seinfeld. So take that! Super E calls with his support. Super E does not know what “contraception” means. Now a break for crack. Gabe tells tales of bleeding fat women and Crazy PJ from our childhood. Gabe tells the white trash, taco-smelling Melissa story. Men think about doing every woman they see. The moral of all of these stories is that Danni is a keeper. The Midnight Mechanics can fix your car while you wait!