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The Addy & Gabe Show: Episode 73

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

After many weeks off, they are back! “AIDS is only in blood,” claims Gabe. “Only losers and Jewish people use Skype,” attests Addy. Gabe tells his Quest for a Cheap Xbox 360 story. Gabe then tells us about stealing software and basically ensures this show is submissable as evidence in court. A little Waynarap during the break. After a stale Borat clip, the guys try to figure out where their audience went. Addy tells the story of Rejected by the Woman that is Microsoft. Indians talk funny. Break time for some horrible music. The guys met a young lady who still thinks the world is fair, racism is wrong and everything will work out. She’ll get over that. Gabe explained that The Haven is more than just a nerd hangout. Eventually, Addy ends up assaulting her in his drunken stupor. She deserved it, of course. Addy talks about how women love to get in the way, then get mad when they are moved out of the way. Ladies, save yourself some bruises and just stop getting in the way of men. Now the commencement of the most goodest readings of the shows from other days in month on station internets.

Episode #72

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

The show starts off with some technical problems. Lito’s Pizza instead of show? Gabe has to explain the Ollie Williams joke to Addy. Addy tries to tell himself that he is not an angry guy. Gabe and Tom seem to not believe him. Gabe does the introduction again and breaks his microphone. Time to eat the donuts off of Addy, you bastards. Remember to watch Peepshow. Now a commercial, then a story from Gabe about Addy’s date with a woman with no fingers, big stomach and small boobs. Newsflash: There are some really really fat guys at The Haven. Addy has an upcoming interview with Microsoft. People that have problems with Vista do not know what they are doing and should just go screw off. Firefox uses too much memory and should die in a fire. Now a break to recompile the kernel. 40 Year Old Virgin clip reminds us that that girl was a ho… fo’ sho. “Democrats… buncha losers,” says Gabe. Time to become Muslim! Next topic: Addy’s ass. Remember to eat your vegetables. Danni calls with advice while bugs invade the studio. Gabe reads Jack London, Addy helps with sound effects. Semi-hysterical. Damonbot, still funny.