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The Addy & Gabe Show: Episode 68

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Please welcome GLaDOS to the show! Apparently GLaDOS is causing trouble, as she is want to do (she is a woman after all) so the show may end at any time. Danni and Tom will provide juggling and balloon animals if the connection fails. Gabe reads some paraphernalia about the approaching red dawn of Jesus. Technical troubles persist. “You know, sometimes even the Nazi’s lost,” claims Tom. Sal makes an appearance. Addy shows that he is a radio theater-of-the-mind master. Gabe flaunts his IT skills when he says, “Everything is broken!” “Do not want this dog,” commands GLaDOS. 35 minutes into the show, they finally start. (There really was a cake, by the way.) Remember, the NHB password to all things NHB is: Liamspenis. The phones are finally fixed and Super E is the first caller. He has a new girlfriend, Meginabox, from the internet. Super E, to survive war, will become war. Gabe has a plan for Super E to break out of basic, Andy DuFrane style. The black Ghostbuster played the warden on Oz. How do super heroes make money? They try out a new game called Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll, that ends up being like a retarded version of The Match Game. Let’s call it the Yell The Answers at Your MP3 Player Game. Various NHB folks call to play (Forge, Photoshop Master, Shaggy). The letter C was especially fun. Break time for smoking and terrible, terrible music. Meginabox calls back to play the game with Tom, this time with J, which is almost as fun as C. In the news, female circus slaves forced to swim with piranhas. Legally blind man pulled over while driving. Welfare cheat was busted for pretending to be blind. Learn how to grow pot in school. The Damon clips entertain once again. Now read the shows and go home.

The Addy & Gabe Show: Episode 67

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Gabe’s lovely lady, Danni, makes her first in-studio appearance! Why no show last week? Because Gabe was actually there, but his mic was off. Gabe joined a private hair club for men called The Haven. Tom calls in from his busy job of eating pizza. Play Guess What’s On Tom’s Pizza for a special copy of Windows 95! Shaggy from NHB calls in to nerd out with the guys about turbo boosted Apple IIe’s, upside down floppies, and operating systems that no one liked. If you listen closely, you can hear people turning off their radios (which is odd, since you can’t get the internet on most radios). Gabe and Addy used to be in the mob, but the kind of mob that stole software and D&D books. Gabe will not let Danni on the cam. You’ll have to look for her in her new book about aircraft carriers. The old, fat guy that created D&D failed his saving throw versus death. Gabe cried. Break time… that’s gay! For to what? A little Greg House brings us back into the fray. The guys admit to a lack of recent MP3 uploads. Gabe reads his wonderful letter to Oprah. Tom will be in-studio soon to bang Danni. Or share a microphone with her. Either way, Gabe will stab him. Today’s Lesson: Black people worse than gays. “Why would we go to Thurmont? To shoot black people?” inquires Addy. Addy and Tom euthanized deer… with a car. More than once. Which brings us to Addy’s Let’s Justify Murder segment. Break time to go to church. Addy finally plays a good song! Yay for spanish rap! “Fuck a lot of women!” Addy and Gabe tell tales of anal, back when the world was fair. Super E calls in to support deer murder. Super E losing his virginity will sound like “Huzzah!” Which is the better life choice: Army or Gay? Gabe does not want to look at, but Addy does. “Shit, Danni!” commands Gabe. News time. Politician has sex! Guinness certifies giant crab cake. Crazy callers almost grind the show to a halt. AIDS came from Haiti. Gay sex for one million dollars? A unanimous yes to that. “Yay for gay,” says Shaggy on the phone. Kentucky Representative Tim Crouch fights internet trolls. “I’ll suck everyone’s dick in this room. Please don’t isolate that,” affirms Gabe. That about does it. Back in two weeks!